Glorious Indoor Gardens

Glorious Indoor Gardens

Beatriz Viso

Indoor Gardens That You Can Easily Grow in Your Home

Indoor gardening is becoming quite popular among urban dwellers. And it’s no wonder as education about the many benefits of gardening and plant life has been prolific as of late. Rates of depression, anxiety, obesity, respiratory disorders and many other chronic illnesses are increasing among those living in urban areas.

Growing plants are very healthy for all of us. But unfortunately, some of us can’t afford that. People who live in an apartment and small houses don’t have a yard for creating a garden there. That’s the way we decided to show you some original indoor planting.

Great results come from mixing Artificial Plants with Real Plants

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of keeping an indoor garden:

1. Plants improve our air quality by filtering toxins that get trapped indoors.

2. The improved air quality lowers risk of respiratory disorders, as well as chronic headaches and eye irritation.

3. Plants teach us how to be attentive and responsive to their needs. This improves our levels of empathy and compassion.

4. Research in environmental psychology has shown that connection with plants improves human mental wellbeing as well as productivity levels.

5. An indoor garden can provide you with fresh kitchen ingredients.

6. Growing your own food reduces our risk of chemical ingestion which you find in foods that have been transported to your local grocery store.

7. Gardening is an excellent conversation starting point in gaining more attention about the need for improving our environmental impact.

8. In an indoor environment, gardening is a lot less maintenance and plants are relatively safe from pests and disease.

9. There are many automated indoor gardening systems for you to choose from which are cost-effective and low-maintenance.

 Your task is to take a look at the images and to find inspiration for your house. Inspire yourself with the best images we ‘ve chosen just for you!

DIY indoor planting in recycled plastic bottles;

Creative indoor planting that you could try in your home;

Nice terrarium and indoor planting;

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