Artificial and Real plants can get Along!!!

Beatriz Viso

You are not sure if you should use real plants, or stick with artificial foliage?

This article will help you make an educated decision, and weigh the benefits of using artificial or live plants.

Benefits of Artificial plants.

Artificial plants are easy to clean and disinfect. With the vast majority of fake plants made of fabric or plastic, a quick 5-minute soak in a 5% bleach/water solution followed by a rinse with water and air drying is enough to keep your plants clean.

With artificial plants, there are virtually no additional actions required to keep them looking good than the occasional cleaning. Real plants will require regular watering and trimming.

Artificial plants can be used in virtually any setup. Being that they are not alive, artificial plants do not share the specialized vivarium lighting, naturalistic vivarium substrate, or watering requirements that live plants do.

Pros of Artificial Plants:
• Artificial plants do not need watering every day or every week.
• They will never shrivel up and die.
• They will not make you look bad in front of your friends by looking like a complete mess.
• You can leave artificial plants without the need of a babysitter or dumping the pots off on a friend while you are away.
• There will never be any hidden insects in the artificial plants, nor will they attract insects, keeping your house insect free always.
• The perfect way to have plants in your house especially if you don’t have a green thumb.
• They do not require a lot of love and tension, just dusting every other week.
• Some pets have a tendency to chew real plants. Owners are often not aware that some plants can be poisonous to their pets. Dogs sometimes in their excitement knock plants over, creating a huge mess. Artificial plants do not have real soil that will stain your carpets.

Benefits of real plants

Real plants aid in maintaining a higher level of humidity in the vivarium. Plants require water and soil to grow in – moist soil and plant respiration will put water back into the air, creating a humid microclimate in your pet’s enclosure. Artificial plants do not significantly contribute to the humidity levels in a terrarium, short of when they are misted directly.

Artificial plants do not contribute to the cleanliness of a vivarium in any way, besides being easy to clean.

Pros of Real Plants:
• Real plants create oxygen by absorbing CO2. You get clean fresh air when you keep real plants in your house.
• Real plants have been known to absorb harmful toxins from the air.
• Real plants improve the overall well-being of a person.
• Real plants increase productivity and performance.
• Real plants increase endorphins which make you feel happy.
• Watching a new leaf grow or a flower blossom gives a sense of achievement.
• Real plants increase the humidity level, diminishing dust which helps combat fatigue, sore throats, cough, flu, etc.

Many interiorscapers agree that artificial plants have their place in situations where the real thing won’t survive.