18 Beautiful Indoor Lighting Ideas You Will Love

18 Beautiful Indoor Lighting Ideas You Will Love

Beatriz Viso

No doubt that lighting has a significant impact on our lives.

We cannot imagine our homes without illumination.  First of all, lighting has a crucial functional role, but beyond that lighting is a great issue when we renovate or decorate our homes. Lighting can define the space and create an excellent atmosphere that for certain can make us feel the warmth and coziness in our homes. There’s an enormous variety of styles, materials, and trends in lighting.

Decorative lighting creates mood and meaning

A decorative lighting scheme has variation in light levels and sources that indicate what rooms are for (dim lights in rooms for sleeping, bright lights in playrooms) or what a room’s focal point is.

Here are some unique and chic ones. Enjoy!

Unusual big bubbles made of blown glass. Each and every piece is unique. (Designed by Alex De Witte).


Colorful glass blown pendants. (Mark Douglass, photo taken by Eve Wilson).


Colorful Shabby Chic glass pendant.