18 Beautiful Indoor Lighting Ideas You Will Love

18 Beautiful Indoor Lighting Ideas You Will Love

Beatriz Viso

No doubt that lighting has a significant impact on our lives.

We cannot imagine our homes without illumination.  First of all, lighting has a crucial functional role, but beyond that lighting is a great issue when we renovate or decorate our homes. Lighting can define the space and create an excellent atmosphere that for certain can make us feel the warmth and coziness in our homes. There’s an enormous variety of styles, materials, and trends in lighting.

Decorative lighting creates mood and meaning

A decorative lighting scheme has variation in light levels and sources that indicate what rooms are for (dim lights in rooms for sleeping, bright lights in playrooms) or what a room’s focal point is.

Here are some unique and chic ones. Enjoy!

Unusual big bubbles made of blown glass. Each and every piece is unique. (Designed by Alex De Witte).


Colorful glass blown pendants. (Mark Douglass, photo taken by Eve Wilson).


Colorful Shabby Chic glass pendant.


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Trellis Ideas for Your Beautiful Garden

Trellis Ideas for Your Beautiful Garden

Beatriz Viso

Hello there!

We are here to give you some amazing ideas to decorate your interiors and yards. For today, I have a collection of DIY Trellis Ideas for Your Beautiful Garden.

These trellises that you will see can give your backyard a real makeover and are major space-savers too. An interesting trellis design can draw lots of attention and give your outdoor living space some personality.

Let’s take a look at these diy trellis ideas that we have rounded up for you and draw some inspiration.

We have an artificial Trellis that you might find interesting and can help you start with your decoration. Trellis – Greensmart Decor

image via trellisartdesigns.com

image via www.bhg.com

image via threedogsinagarden.blogspot.com

image via www.houzz.com


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Vertical Gardens that will make Your Yard Look Awesome

Vertical Gardens that will make Your Yard Look Awesome

Beatriz Viso

Are you looking for some ideas that are going to improve the way your home looks like?

Vertical gardens and plantations have recently gained much popularity and are very popular, especially if you have limited space. Vertical gardens do not take as much space as the horizontal and bring as much joy as ordinary gardening. There are many interesting ideas that can give you suggestions.

Did you know that they more and more add them to their outdoors as well? Yes. Some adore them due to their good aesthetic, and others take advantage of the space-saving designs.

When you think of possible designs for your vertical garden, consider variants with a trellis. A trellis house sticks can add a rustic charm.

Vertical Gardens Will Make Any Space Look Awesome

There are so many varieties of vertical gardens out there, and I hope that we will help you to find the one that is just perfect for your yard. The possibilities are truly endless, you just have to think creatively!




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Glorious Indoor Gardens

Glorious Indoor Gardens

Beatriz Viso

Indoor Gardens That You Can Easily Grow in Your Home

Indoor gardening is becoming quite popular among urban dwellers. And it’s no wonder as education about the many benefits of gardening and plant life has been prolific as of late. Rates of depression, anxiety, obesity, respiratory disorders and many other chronic illnesses are increasing among those living in urban areas.

Growing plants are very healthy for all of us. But unfortunately, some of us can’t afford that. People who live in an apartment and small houses don’t have a yard for creating a garden there. That’s the way we decided to show you some original indoor planting.

Great results come from mixing Artificial Plants with Real Plants

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of keeping an indoor garden:

1. Plants improve our air quality by filtering toxins that get trapped indoors.

2. The improved air quality lowers risk of respiratory disorders, as well as chronic headaches and eye irritation.

3. Plants teach us how to be attentive and responsive to their needs. This improves our levels of empathy and compassion.

4. Research in environmental psychology has shown that connection with plants improves human mental wellbeing as well as productivity levels.

5. An indoor garden can provide you with fresh kitchen ingredients.

6. Growing your own food reduces our risk of chemical ingestion which you find in foods that have been transported to your local grocery store.

7. Gardening is an excellent conversation starting point in gaining more attention about the need for improving our environmental impact.

8. In an indoor environment, gardening is a lot less maintenance and plants are relatively safe from pests and disease.

9. There are many automated indoor gardening systems for you to choose from which are cost-effective and low-maintenance.

 Your task is to take a look at the images and to find inspiration for your house. Inspire yourself with the best images we ‘ve chosen just for you!

DIY indoor planting in recycled plastic bottles;

Creative indoor planting that you could try in your home;

Nice terrarium and indoor planting;

Get more ideas here

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Decorating your Outdoor Space - Green Smart Decor

Decorating your Outdoor Space - Green Smart Decor

Beatriz Viso

Decorating your Outdoor Space

Building a pool area comes with its own set of things to consider. Your pool may be for entertaining, pool volleyball games, and kids’ parties. Adding a sizable sun deck and a green wall is great if you love to soak up the rays and relax in the warm months.

ivy_008Other water-related features in your outdoor living area could include a hot tub or spa, a fountain, or an outdoor shower or bath.  An important thing to remember is that your space should feel comfortable to you and your guests. If you throw large dinner parties often, opt for a spacious patio or deck area that allows for plenty of seating and space to entertain.

Maybe you want to include dining tables, chairs, or a living room–style seating area for eating outside or playing games.

Entertainment areas such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and television areas are great ways to bring everyone together. If you will be cooking or serving outside, you might want built-in grills with countertops and storage.

The important thing to remember is that your space should feel comfortable to you and your guests.

Finally, care should be given to the selection of furniture, fabrics, pots, planters, green walls and accessories; these will add the finishing touches to the space. The options for durable outdoor furniture and fabrics are ever expanding, and new products are constantly being introduced.

Clearly defining the function and desired style for your outdoor spaces—as well as providing an adequate budget for the integration of architecture, design, hardscape, and landscape planting—will positively kick-start your project.

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World Laughter Day

Beatriz Viso


World Laughter Day was created in 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement. Dr. Kataria, a family doctor in India, was inspired to start the Laughter Yoga movement in part by the facial feedback hypothesis, which postulates that a person’s facial expressions can have an effect on their emotions. The celebration of World Laughter Day is a positive manifestation for world peace and is intended to build up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter. It is most often celebrated by gatherings of people in public places with the sole purpose of laughing. Its popularity has grown exponentially with that of the Laughter Yoga movement now counting thousands of Laughter Clubs in more than 105 countries.

Let’s Laugh!

Everybody knows that laughing and hugging feel good, but few realize how valuable these simple tools can be in improving our everyday wellness and wellbeing. Laughter cannot heal or solve anything, but it can help to heal and dissolve everything. In such a gloomy economic climate we need to lighten up more than ever. Laughter is a positive and powerful emotion that has all the ingredients required for individuals to change themselves and to change the world in a peaceful and positive way.

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Artificial and Real plants can get Along!!!

Beatriz Viso

You are not sure if you should use real plants, or stick with artificial foliage?

This article will help you make an educated decision, and weigh the benefits of using artificial or live plants.

Benefits of Artificial plants.

Artificial plants are easy to clean and disinfect. With the vast majority of fake plants made of fabric or plastic, a quick 5-minute soak in a 5% bleach/water solution followed by a rinse with water and air drying is enough to keep your plants clean.

With artificial plants, there are virtually no additional actions required to keep them looking good than the occasional cleaning. Real plants will require regular watering and trimming.

Artificial plants can be used in virtually any setup. Being that they are not alive, artificial plants do not share the specialized vivarium lighting, naturalistic vivarium substrate, or watering requirements that live plants do.

Pros of Artificial Plants:
• Artificial plants do not need watering every day or every week.
• They will never shrivel up and die.
• They will not make you look bad in front of your friends by looking like a complete mess.
• You can leave artificial plants without the need of a babysitter or dumping the pots off on a friend while you are away.
• There will never be any hidden insects in the artificial plants, nor will they attract insects, keeping your house insect free always.
• The perfect way to have plants in your house especially if you don’t have a green thumb.
• They do not require a lot of love and tension, just dusting every other week.
• Some pets have a tendency to chew real plants. Owners are often not aware that some plants can be poisonous to their pets. Dogs sometimes in their excitement knock plants over, creating a huge mess. Artificial plants do not have real soil that will stain your carpets.

Benefits of real plants

Real plants aid in maintaining a higher level of humidity in the vivarium. Plants require water and soil to grow in – moist soil and plant respiration will put water back into the air, creating a humid microclimate in your pet’s enclosure. Artificial plants do not significantly contribute to the humidity levels in a terrarium, short of when they are misted directly.

Artificial plants do not contribute to the cleanliness of a vivarium in any way, besides being easy to clean.

Pros of Real Plants:
• Real plants create oxygen by absorbing CO2. You get clean fresh air when you keep real plants in your house.
• Real plants have been known to absorb harmful toxins from the air.
• Real plants improve the overall well-being of a person.
• Real plants increase productivity and performance.
• Real plants increase endorphins which make you feel happy.
• Watching a new leaf grow or a flower blossom gives a sense of achievement.
• Real plants increase the humidity level, diminishing dust which helps combat fatigue, sore throats, cough, flu, etc.

Many interiorscapers agree that artificial plants have their place in situations where the real thing won’t survive.

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Decorating With Green Decor

Beatriz Viso

How to Add a Little Green

Perk up a wallflower room with strategic hits of this vibrant color.

  • Start with the floor. If you want one big burst of green, choose a rug. It is usually less expensive than other sizable furnishings and can be easily moved from room to room when you’re looking to shake things up. Opt for a style with multiple shades of green so it will better coordinate with the rest of your stuff.
  • Bring on the accessories. Just a few well-chosen pieces will give you a green fix. And you can add and subtract items depending on how much green you want. Real Simpleplaced a green runner on the console, set the table with olive-colored dishes, and framed scraps of green-patterned wallpaper.
  • Don’t forget the blossoms.Consider green (or greenish) flowers. Forsythia branches, which bloom yellow before sprouting bright green leaves, look great on the console. The Billy buttons, arranged in a light green vase on the table, can last up to two weeks. Also try Lenten roses, which have soft green flowers and foliage.

How to Add a Lot of Green

An overwhelming task? Nah. Putting together an all-green room is easy, and the result is refreshingly chic.

  • Mix shades. Paint the walls your favorite green, then introduce other tones elsewhere. “In music, you want harmony,” says New York City interior designer Celerie Kemble, author of To Your Taste(Clarkson Potter, $45, amazon.com). “It’s the same with decorating. If everything is one hue, it’s blah.” Temper strong greens with mild ones, says Guido-Clark. “Lime looks beautiful with forest or olive,” she says―as shown here.
  • When it comes to incorporating patterns, consider scale and motifs.Decorating with multiple patterns isn’t as daunting as you might think. To create a layered look (not an optical illusion), “combine large-scale prints with small ones, and florals with geometrics,” says Kemble. “It’s a game of balance.”
  • Vary textures. Heavier materials, like the velvet on the bench and the headboard and the rug’s densely woven wool, ground the busy patterns.
  • Add a natural touch. Place moss in a vessel lined with plastic wrap. It should last for several weeks.

Four Gorgeous Shades of Green

1. Ralph Lauren Paint in Sea Grass #ML15 (from $28 a gallon, ralphlaurenpaint.com for stores). You can’t go wrong with this understated green. Like beige with a twist, it provides a subtle backdrop with a hint of color. “Green is great for color-phobes, as it can be surprisingly neutral,” says Jessica Becker, a New York City interior designer with her own firm, Jessica Becker Designs.

2. Valspar in Lovely Green #6009-9 ($26 a gallon, lowes.comfor stores). Slightly more saturated than option number one, this milky green tone would look fantastic in a kitchen with crisp white trim.

3. Farrow & Ball in Minster Green ($80 a gallon, farrow-ball.com). Since this almost-black forest green is so dark and intense (and somewhat pricey), use it sparingly―on one wall in a powder room or a den, for example.

4. Benjamin Moore in Spring Meadow Green #2031-40 ($57 a gallon, benjaminmoore.com for stores). The boldest of the bunch, this brighter variant of pea green is ideal for when you really want to make a statement. It pairs well with dark wood trim.

Four Foolproof Color Combinations

For a natural look: Moss green and soft blue (shades reminiscent of forest and sky) are a terrific match. “When in doubt, stick with nature―bad color pairings don’t happen there,” says Laura Guido-Clark, a color consultant in Berkeley, California.

For a soothing look: A lot of spas use sea-foam green and chocolate brown―for good reason. Try painting the walls chocolate and the trim sea foam in your bathroom or bedroom and rest easy.

For a fresh look: Consider the classic Rugby-shirt twosome of Kelly green and bright white. “The green is such an exciting color,” says Guido-Clark. “And when you pair it with white for contrast, you give it a chance to sing.”

For a playful look: Don’t worry about your room resembling the pages of the 1980s Preppy Handbook. This duo of lime green and soft pink brings a cheery, light-hearted appeal to a bathroom, a nursery, or a playroom.


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Artificial Vertical Gardens

Beatriz Viso

Lemon Artificial Wall Panels


Few improvements to a space bring more life to it as quickly as adding greenery by putting up a garden wall, but some settings present too many problems to permit the installation or maintenance of one. We’ve worked hard to create a solution that allows you to readily add beautiful greenery to any space. Our artificial garden walls are a great way to provide some additional life to commercial and retail spaces, office buildings, courtyards, and hospitals. An artificial garden wall allows contractors, architects, shopfitters, and interior designers to install greenery in a wide range of locations that don’t necessarily lend themselves to natural plant growth or maintenance.


Artificial vertical gardens are very durable, and they deliver a consistency of coverage that’s not easily replicated with natural plants. They’re also a great way to add greenery to locations that might not typically have plant coverage, such as an indoor reception area, and the results can be quite impressive. They don’t require UV lighting, so an artificial vertical garden can be deployed without requiring any changes to the existing lighting setup. Our artificial vertical gardens are instantly green, and there’s no waiting for plants to fill in. Once an artificial vertical garden is installed, there’s no fuss trying to keep it looking good.


We also offer walls that allow you to explore a variety of colors and patterns. Natural garden walls are often limited by the available light and the plants that will grow in a particular setting. Our walls, on the other hand, are superb for both indoor and outdoor locations. They also are a great way to provide a lush, green look in a setting such as a hospital or a clinic, where the need to maintain a sanitary environment may preclude the use of natural greenery.

Greensmart Decor products go beyond the simple vertical garden. Our greenery allows you to create trays that are tailored to the demands of your specific area. If you have a difficult location that might defy the limitations of natural plants, a tray of artificial greenery can be designed to suit the space.


Greensmart Decor products are highly cost-effective. You can build an installation using our artificial panels for a fraction of the cost that you’d expect if you were trying to achieve the same results using natural plants. They require no irrigation, so you don’t to install any type of watering system in order to maintain them. This also means that you won’t have to pay for water to keep plants alive.

An artificial vertical garden is a versatile solution that can help you save a lot of money while also indulging your more creative impulses. The team at Greensmart Decor works hard to create products that allow you to make the most of your green spaces, and our products will have your customers asking you how you achieved such amazing and lovely results.

Contact us today to find out more about the artificial vertical garden options that we offer.

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Nappizza Restaurant - Green Decoration

Beatriz Viso

Natural Green Panels

An amazing project we had in San Diego.

Napizza restaurant changed the look and feel of his restaurant with Green Smart decoration.

You can create very natural looking green panels with the various artificial panel designs. You can be certain that it will enhance and green up any space including Green Walls for Balconies, Cladding, Garden Design Features – without the need for costly maintenance, a plumbed in water supply or good light levels.

Once the design of the green wall has been agreed, the panels are stapled to the wall. The panels are 20×20″, but you can easily accommodate different sizes and shapes. Because the panels are flexible they can also be attached to curved walls. Each panel weighs roughly 8 lb and is up to 1.5″ thick.

Exterior Green Walls in the US are becoming a frequent requirement as they require very little maintenance.

Maintenance on an Artificial Green Wall is relatively easy – the foliage may need cleaning once or twice per year (depending on location).


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